Friday, July 29, 2011


Like how Roxy's bum made an appearance in this one? :)
This post has nothing to do with tamales. I just kind of want one right now. So I thought I'd try and spread the craving.

My little sisters are here for the weekend! I love having my sisters here! They laugh so much, and just make everything more fun! We went to the tumble gym tonight, and it was awesome, thought the camera was dead so I'll have to paint a picture for you:

Big Hair,
Flailing in a foam pit.

Yup. Pretty much sums it up. 

Blouse $10 from ideeli sale
Gray skinnies from Macy's store $5
Penny loves Kenney flats via eBay $4

And a bit of smile randomness: Presenting, 'Bless his little heart'. I've been loving funny animal videos lately.
Could you tell?

Poor Kitty!


Gentri said...

Hahahaha! So glad you painted that picture for us! Awesome! You look so cute!! Love the shoes!

P! said...

Love the look- glad you had fun! And you most definitely succeeded in making me crave tamales... there's an amazing restaurant near my place that I always spend too much at, filling my gut with delicious Mexican food. Now I think it's time to pay them a visit. Good grief!

♥ Nadine ♥ said...

Oh nooooooo! Poor kitten. My heart melts...

Also, pretty outfit. Those shoes... :)

Newlymeds said...

adorable! obsessed with your shoes!

Tamela Daley said...
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Tamela Daley said...

Oh my word! I'm in love with this outfit, especially your shoes! I'm ready to buy some now:D