Friday, June 24, 2011

a working woman.

Things I like about my new job:

One, there is a cereal bar. With cinnamon toast crunch and honey bunches of oats. SOLD. I seriously live on cereal. I would probably eat it for every meal if Justin didn't protest. I'm pretty sure I DID eat it for every meal when I was single.

Two, our owner bring his adorable labradoodle puppy to work. His name is Barnaby. Barnaby at work = happiness. Even when he left a little present about 5 feet from my desk today.

Three, my coworkers are really nice. and fun. and hilarious. We make up fun competitions to see who can be the most efficient and they don't mind when I make up silly songs about my tasks and sing them to myself. Or at least they don't say anything about it. :)

Four, they feed us lunch every Friday and buy us cool concert tickets. 

And five, there isn't a dress code. Well I suppose you have to at least wear clothes, but that kind of goes without saying.

All in all, I could have done much worse for myself. :)

 Urban Outfitter's top via eBay - $5
Urban Outfitter's skirt via sale - $14

Clarks Indigo sandles via eBay - $20
Urban Outfiter headband via sale - $7


Tanyabell said...

cute, laid-back look!

Kara said...

I totally remember you eating cereal all.the.time freshman year! I love cereal, and I love you Heather!

Gentri said...

Wow!! Where do you work?! That's awesome! I want to work there! haha!

Simini said...

You know where else has a cereal bar...?


You're living the dream.

Courtney B said...

Ok... you are SO pretty!! I love your short hair!
And your job sounds PERFECT! Lucky girl! Where do you work?!

alltumbledown said...

Your job sounds wonderful, and I am loving this look on you! Classy and modest is such a winning combination.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun job! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the color shirt you put with that skirt. Since I have the same skirt I may have to copy!