Wednesday, June 29, 2011

what a day, what a day.

Anthropologie jacket via eBay - $10
F21 maxi dress - $10
Vintage belt via eBay - $3
Frye flats via eBay - $25
Isabella Fiore purse via eBay - $30
outfit w/o purse = less than $50!

So it's been a blustery
(is that a word? I know that there is one close to it though - I love having a blog. I can use words that might not even be real, and no one can stop me! muwahaha! oh the freedom!) 
and gloomy day in the magical world of happy valley Utah today. 

It's made me realize how much I miss great big Texas thunderstorms. 
Everything is bigger in Texas. Or at least the thunder storms are. 
And the trucks. 
Definitely the trucks 
(I finally learned how to spell definitely. aren't you all so proud of me?)


ps. I had these picas from a week or so ago, but never posted them, so everything just worked out peachy king!


Emily said...

I love your dress. Let me tell you, they're really big in Paris and London! All the fashionable chicks were wearing them. :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I miss Texas thunderstorms morevthan ANYTHING!!!

Gentri said...

Love the outfit! And I just learned how to spell definitely too!! Hahaha! I always thought there was an A in there somewhere- guess not. Haha!

Julie said...

I also love a good thunderstorm. Unfortuneatly, they are kinda whimpy out here in Utah. Cute belt, too.

Shayla said...

I love Anthro but sadly (I use the word "sadly" because I can never remember how to spell "unfortunately" - I think that's it!) umm, oh yea, they don't carry plus sizes! That may be a GOOD thing though (for my back account!) You look adorable!

Aida said...

Heather! my email is
thanks in advance for the invite!!

Heather said...

@shayla that is sad! I don't think there are nearly enough stores that supply decent plus size lines!!!


Katie said...

wonderful look, and you have the most beautiful smile, chica!


instead of an elephant

JoshDetheridge said...

Love your hair in this!