Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I've been a bad...

Blogger. Between starting a new job, and leaving town for the long weekend. I’ve been very neglectful this last week. I tried to think of something funny that happened to us to share, but all I can think of are stories about bowels, which Justin tells me are completely inappropriate to share on a blog. Sorry guys, I know how disappointed you all must be.
Over memorial weekend, we went on a nice, extremely relaxing mini-cation to our friend’s cabin in Mount Pleasant.  As a kiddo, vacations were super fun, but could be slightly stressful, because we were always “doing” something. Consequently, I’ve never really learned to just relax on vacations. So, it was nice to have a bit of weather forced relaxation as it’s been pretty rainy most of the last week.
In other news, my little brother finishes his LDS mission of two years this week, Justin and I will be celebrating our fourth year anniversary this week, and then next week, we are headed home to the range – being Dallas. First time in two and a half years! YAYNESS!!! The rain can’t soak my good spirits!
So here are a ridiculous amount of pics from our trip! Happy Tuesday!

So many of these sweet little guys all over!
Jarron Swoopy Hair!
Bradford and Juile :)
Hangin outside
Campfire time! I love this happy picture!
April was my sick buddy this weekend! Still cute though darn her!
Ty & April
The sweet little building where we went to church on Sunday

Dress I wore to church! Eliza J $20 via eBay!!!
Lovely countryside
where we got our groceries
Love this little cottage
See I told you I relaxed :)
Milly, our friends little puppy!
my traveling home outfit! Leggings, and a comfy top!
 Happy Tuesday!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

i love these photos!

Lissa said...

The pictures are great. Oh and awesome red sandals! :o)

Julie said...

There are some seriously great pictures in there! What a killer steal on that romper too. I love that ebay.

nataya, chacha, nchan said...

Cool pictures! The little sheep is adorable, so cute. The blue dress is lovely, and i like countryside view with wooden houses:)

liz said...

heather, i used to live in mt. pleasant. is that church building in spring city?

Heather said...

indeed it is liz friend!

liz said...

i'm glad you enjoyed your trip down there!

Justin said...

PS that gun on my stomach is an airsoft, I don't just randomly hang out with a gun :)